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The European STEM PD Centre Network’s overall aim is providing a platform for knowledge exchange among its participants. Through each of its members the network aims to substantially improve STEM education as it happens on a day-to-day basis in schools, by investing in teacher professional development (PD). 

Supporting STEM teaching through PD practice


High quality STEM teacher professional development supports STEM teaching through intensifying partnerships with and among PD practice.

Istanbul welcomes you!


International STEM Education Conference will be held in Istanbul on June 13-14, 2019. The conference aims to bring together teachers, researchers, practitioners and stakeholders from around the world to discuss issues related to STEM education. 

Highlighted Speakers

Adnan Boyaci

TR- General Directorate of Teacher Training and Education

Joyce Peters-Dasdemir

DE - University of Duisburg-Essen

Suzanne Kapelari

AT- University of Innsbruck

Ian Galloway

EU - T³ Europe

Arash Salimi Kia

TR - Nesibe Aydın IB School

Peter Nyström

SE - National Centre for Mathematics Education

Stephan Griebel

DE -  T³ Europe

Toni Chehlarova

BG - Bulgarian Academy of Science

Yilmaz Cakici

TR- Trakya University

H. Ilker Kostur

TR -  Baskent University

Günter Törner

DE - University of Duisburg-Essen

Maxim Bondarev

RU - Southern Federal University 

Buket Akkoyunlu

TR- Cankaya University

Rubén Durán Domínguez


Başak Yavuz Kısacık

TR - Nano Gen Technologies

Gunther Dippe

SE - National Centre for Mathematics Education

Lida Kita

EU - European Training Foundation 

Martin Bilek

CZ- Charles University 

Jenny Sendova

BG - Bulgarian Academy of Science

Claes Klasander

SE - Centre for School Technology Education

M. Hilmi Colakoglu

TR - Ministry of Education

Gultekin Cakmakci

TR - Turkish STEM Alliance

Ahmad Housseini

LB - Kalimat Education Center

Laura Wanckel

GE - International Centre for STEM Education

Hasan Ozcan

TR - Aksaray University

Ozlem Kalkan

TR - Ministry of Education

Ridvan Elmas

CZ- Charles University

Seyda Bas

TR - Yildiz Technical University

Ivailo Kortezov

BG - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Betul Iscan

TR - Yildiz Technical University

George Gachev

BG - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Yıldız Cokcoskun

TR - Adalar Schools

Albena Vassileva

BG - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Enrique Martín Santolaya

BE - European School Net

Evita Tasiopoulou

BE - European School Net

Agueda Gras-Velazquez

BE - European School Net

Jelena Milenkovic

BE - European School Net

Tonguc Oztas

TR - Enka Schools



T³ Europe Workshops

Cathy Baars

NL - T³ Netherlands & Martinuscollege

"Forensic Science"

Cody Buye

NL - T³ Netherlands & NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences  

Ismail Donmez

TR - T³ Europe

"TI Innovator Rover"




The conference will be held at Istanbul Ayvansaray University, Merter Campus. The conference venue is located on a tram line (nearest station is "Merter Metro Istasyonu").


Tozkoparan Mahallesi, Haldun Taner Sk. No:21, 34173 Güngören/İstanbul

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